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September, 20, 2005 - 10:01 AM / ET Announces Home Loan Program for Undocumented Hispanics

Dallas, TX--(HISPANIC PR WIRE - BUSINESS WIRE)--September 20, announced today that they now have the capability of assisting undocumented employed Hispanics through the process of purchasing a home. "Homeowners are the backbone of the American economy. Our goal at has been to assist one of the most underserved markets in the United States, the Hispanic home buyer," stated Rick Troutman, Founder and CEO of "We believe that everyone that can afford a home should be given every opportunity to buy a home, unfortunately this has not been the case within the Hispanic home buying community. Now, with the help of our partners, Hispanic home buyers are provided the avenues to possible homeownership," Troutman said.

Hispanic home buying consumers visiting the website or who have called toll free to the Call Center will be directed to the resources needed to start the home buying process. If the prospective Hispanic home buyer has indicated they have proper and valid identification, their information will be forwarded to the loan partner. If they do not have a valid Social Security Card, a valid Individual Tax Identification Card (ITIN) or a valid Visa they are informed of the next steps necessary to secure a mortgage.

"Because our mortgage partner will accept ITIN cards we believe the next step for those that do not have valid identification is to secure a Individual Tax Identification Card (ITIN) which requires the filing of a federal 1040 Tax Return," Troutman stated. "Our Accounting Partner will help guide the individual through the process of filing the 1040 form and the filing for the Individual Tax Identification Card. Once the consumer receives their ITIN we will alert our mortgage partner and they will begin the mortgage loan process," Troutman said. is the first Internet company to offer complete nationwide real estate services for the Hispanic home buying community. partners include mortgage and real estate professionals, nationwide down payment assistance, title insurance, homeowners insurance agents and credit restoration assistance. Consumers receive free access to partners by visiting our website at or calling toll free 1-888-774-6788.

About, an Internet marketing company that focuses on assembling companies that provide resources to Hispanic home buyers, is headquartered in the Dallas, Texas, metropolitan area.