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January, 04, 2005 - 11:35 AM / ET

A Charro Sweet 15

--(HISPANIC PR WIRE - CONTEXTO LATINO)--With the New Year come Sweet 15 preparations for thousands of Mexican American girls, who are embracing their culture now more than ever. That is why they have decided to throw out all the conventional Sweet 15 fashions and do the "in" thing. And the latest craze among fashionable Mexican Americans is a Charro-style Sweet 15 celebration. It doesn't get any more Mexican and folkloric than a Charro Sweet 15. The extent of a party's Charro appeal depends on one's pocketbook. It is not a coincidence that Sweet 15 season begins right around tax time.

A Charro Sweet 15 starts with the dress. Rosita Lepe, one of the queens and leaders of the National Charro Association, designed the very first female Charro outfit in 1937. Today, there are Charro designs that are so delicate and intricate that they can easily run a couple thousand dollars. To do it the right way, the outfit has to be authentic. Window-shopping before purchasing is highly recommended.

A top cyber store with a big focus on detail is Owner Salomon Bemaras is proud to help carry on the beautiful Charro tradition with high-quality attire and accessories. For the sweet fifteener, Bemaras offers a jacket and skirt outfit with 60 decorations and clasp for $250. He also offers Charro haute couture for girls wanting something a little fancier. His luxurious hand-embroidered design with metallic thread and horseshoe motifs is valued at $1,120.

To complete the Charro Sweet 15 look, don't forget the hairdo. The Charro style requires that the girl's part her hair in the middle and interweave color-coordinated ribbons through each braid. What Charro design would be complete without a hat? The sweet fifteener has several she can choose. She can select anything from a simple duvatine hat lined with cardboard or a palm straw hat covered with imitation felt and embroidered metallic thread (gallon or non-gallon). The most luxurious is the rabbit hair felt hat. Whatever style or budget, Bemaras promises that has everything for a Charro Sweet 15 outfit. Shipping is available to anywhere in the US and Mexico.

So what are you waiting for? There is no better time than the present to begin to plan a Sweet 15 Charro-style.